By: Michael Wacholtz

Feature Interview: Larry Solomon of the Green Beanery Café

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This is an ongoing feature where we interview the proprieters of Annex and area businesses. This is the first in the series. How would you describe Green Beanery Café? Green Beanery is a coffee shop, roastery and equipment store that has the world’s largest selection of coffee beans. It’s also one of the funding sources for Probe International, with all of the profits from t...Read More

By: ClearPath Realty Group

Moving? Tips on How to Handle All Your Stuff

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"I hate moving". People say this a lot. What most people mean, though, is not the act of moving but the act of moving their stuff. When it comes time to move into a new home, people have to figure out what to do with all that stuff. Here are a few tips and strategies to make the experience easier. 1. Pare Down Okay, you may not qualify for Hoarders but getting rid of things you don&rs...Read More

By: Clear Path Realty Team

You Say Spa-dee-nah, I Say Spa-dye-nah

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View of Spadina Road facing north from Bloor Street. You know that major road that runs north/south between Bathurst Street and University Avenue? It’s a major streetcar route, cuts through Chinatown and has a subway station named after it? It transforms from an “Avenue” to a “Road” when above Bloor Street? What do you call it? If you said “Spadina”, you...Read More

By: Michael Wacholtz

Just a Taste: Not on the Danforth but Close Enought to Eat There


My kids have been singing "Tomorrow" from Annie a lot over the past few weeks. Perhaps it's in anticipation of this lovely home coming onto the market...tomorrow! Have a sneak peak at what the photographer caught on the weekend. And of course, more info tomorrow!!! - mw        ...Read More

By: Michael Wacholtz

Real Estate thoughts via Canadaland Podcast on The Walrus


First thing's first. I love Jesse Brown's Canadaland podcast. At times I find him simultaneously amazing/annoying/brilliant/stupid, but never can I say the man does not have an opinion worth listening to. Now, I may not always agree with it, but he makes me think, and his lines of questioning, though at times self-aggrandizing, are more often than not crafted to probe deeper into...Read More