By: Michael Wacholtz

Making Sense of the News Reports on Housing Trends

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Here’s a quote from a recent conversation I had with a client:   “The housing market is up over 20% from last year!  Just heard that on the radio.”   It’s true. The market, year over year was up just over 20%. Those were the headlines. Sounds amazing, right? Time to take out a big home equity line of credit and start using the old house as an ATM (please, d...Read More

By: ClearPath Realty Group Team

Gadget of the Month: Sonos Play:1

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  The Sonos Play:1 in white in a relaxed bedroom setting. So, you want a state-of-the-art home audio system but you don’t have in-wall wiring set up. What do you do? You could mount speakers around your home and run wires to them but that may not be the most, erm, aesthetically pleasing choice.   Luckily, the good people at Sonos have come up with a solution. The Sonos Play:1 is...Read More

By: ClearPath Realty Group Team

How to Rock a Gallery Wall

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Nice example, Crate and Barrel! Here at ClearPath Realty Group, we love art and so, naturally, we love a good gallery wall. For those of you who don't know what gallery walls are, they're displays of art that take after art galleries where a multitude of paintings by a variety of artists hang on the wall so people can gaze up and stare at, you know, paintings of prized horses o...Read More

By: Michael Wacholtz

The Calm Before the Storm

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Wait for it... wait for it... Typically, the summer months are a bit slower here in the city, although this year it’s been a bit busier than typical.  Given what has been happening with pricing, I think we’re going to be moving to a marketplace where we see consistent sales activity year-round, but we’ll always have a bit of a perceived lull in mid-August through just past...Read More

By: ClearPath Realty Group Team

Mix Patterns and Styles Like a Pro

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Here at ClearPath Realty Group, we see a lot of home design trends come and go. Some are great and have staying power (hellooo stainless steel appliances) and some aren’t so great (just say no carpets in bathrooms). One trend that pops up every few years is mixing and matching and this year, it’s big. When one hears “mix and match”, one may think that it’s permission ...Read More

By: ClearPath Realty Group Team

Gadget of the Month: Hario V60 Pour Over Coffee Brewer

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  Ahhh, coffee… that magical elixir that helps people deal with Mondays, deal with meetings, deal with life. It was first used to help keep worshippers in Sufi circles awake for their religious rituals in Yemen, given a stamp of approval by Pope Clement VIII in 1600 to quiet those who wanted to ban it, and has usurped tea as the morning beverage of choice. Remember when Folgers coff...Read More

By: ClearPath Realty Group Team

Gadget of the Month: LED Bulb with Speaker

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Pictured: Playbulb LED Speaker Bulb with app. What it is   It’s a smart LED bulb that can be controlled via smartphone that also has a built in speaker that can stream audio from your smartphone AT THE SAME TIME. Sorry about the shouting. This is pretty exciting. These things have been around for almost two years but they’ve recently reached that point where they’re actua...Read More

By: ClearPath Realty Group Team

Work From Home In Style

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Do you have a cobbled together workspace for those days you “work from home”? Is your home office a table in the corner covered with papers that doubles for a place to put the mail? Here are some design suggestions for sprucing up your space so that it works for you instead of, you know, the other way around. Have a dedicated work space The key to a home office is a dedicated space ...Read More

By: Michael Wacholtz

Does Your Basement Hate You?

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I see a lot of houses. A lot of them are really pretty. My clients tend to like nice houses. Except for my renovator clients. They like yucky houses, and then I help them buy the yucky house and everyone loves the same house when I sell it seven months later. Go figure.   No matter what the house looks like though, anyone who has worked with me, whether selling or buying, will know that I b...Read More

By: Michael Wacholtz

Of Interest: Being Partners with a Bank

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Opening still from CBC's The Friendly Giant. I wonder how much that castle would go for in today's market. So here we are with Toronto prices up 18.2% over last year. That’s your market update, nothing more to say, absolutely nothing to see unless you look up, wayyyyyy, up and then call Rusty. You should probably then ask him if he’s thinking of selling the book bag he lives ...Read More