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Gadget of the Month - Philips Wake-up Light

Tags: Gadget of the month, Toronto, design, winter, alarm, style

  We know. The days are getting shorter. For most of us, it’s dark when we wake up which, let’s face it, sucks. Also, everyone on our team has black out curtains or blinds on their bedroom windows to deal with the ambient city light so waking up to sunlight hasn’t been an option. Well, there’s a solution to this.   The Philips Wake-Up Light gradually stirs you ...Read More

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Let's Talk Functional and Stylish Accessible Bathroom Renovations

Tags: Homes in Toronto, aging, aging in place, renovation, accessibility

Generally speaking, we have a hard time talking about aging. But we all age…so get over it! If you're in the market for a rightsized* property, or if you're renovating your property for yourself or to sell to an older demographic, it's possible to renovate for accessibility without sacrificing style.  Stepless showers rather than step-in tubs, drop-down sauna ins...Read More

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What Goes Up... (or How a Trump Presidency Will Affect Your Mortgage)

Tags: Homes in Toronto, House Prices, Hot market, Mortgage, rules, investment

Have you heard? House prices are down in Vancouver. The new tax on foreign buyers and rising prices that even the very wealthy can’t afford are having an effect. So where are people looking to invest in real estate? Yup, Toronto. At least that’s what the word on the street is because while the rest of the Canadian market has calmed the heck down, condo buildings are going up, up, up in...Read More

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How To Prepare Your House for Winter [Video]

Tags: Homes in Toronto, winterize, ready for winter, protect

Michael goes over what you need to do to get your house ready for winter. Save yourself some hassle later and get these things looked after before the snow flies. ...Read More

By: Michael Wacholtz

Winter is Coming

Tags: Homes in Toronto, House Prices, Market, Trends, Fall, Mortgage rules

     “Winter is coming.”      “You know nothing Jon Snow.”      “Fear cuts deeper than swords.”   What, you may ask, are Game of Thrones quotes doing in my update? Well, gentle reader, scan your eyes forward to find out:   “Winter is coming.” – on October 17, the government announced some...Read More

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Gadget of the Month: Lightsaber Toothbrush

Tags: Gadget of the month, Star Wars, lightsaber, toothbrush, home, Halloween, geek toys

The force is strong in this one. After a night of trick-or-treating and, if you're like most people I know, a few weeks of sneaking treats meant for the kiddies, our gadget of the month is something that will make your teeth (and your dentist) happy! Time to scrub those pearly whites, kiddos. Yup, it’s a toothbrush... but not just any toothbrush. This one LIGHTS UP. For real. This is ...Read More

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Five Easy Fall Design Ideas For Your Home

Tags: Homes in Toronto, autumn, fall, design, interior design, style, easy

Autumn has arrived! Two weeks ago, wearing shorts for a stroll outside was entirely possible. Today, the wool coats are out and some people are already wearing mittens and gloves. Brr!   To combat the dread that comes with colder temperatures, here are some fall design ideas that welcome the season without the fuss. Think “warm and cozy” versus “bitter and cold”. 1.&nb...Read More

By: Michael Wacholtz

Stigma Properties [Video]

Tags: homes in Toronto, stigma, property, ghost, disclosure, disclose, haunted, supernatural

Just in time for Halloween! Got a house you're tryng to sell that may be haunted? Michael discusses stigmatized properties and what you need to disclose when you're selling. Anyone have a haunted house story they'd like to share? Post in the comments or send it to us in an email! ...Read More

By: Michael Wacholtz

First Five Steps to Selling a Home [Video]

Tags: real estate, Toronto, ClearPath, home, selling, first steps, video

  Thinking it's time to sell your home? Wondering about how to go about it? There's a tonne of stuff on how to buy a home but not as much for people who are thinking of selling.  To make it it easier for you, Michael goes over the early steps people should take when they're taking that first step. So go ahead... watch the video for some great tips and then contact us...Read More

By: Michael Wacholtz

First Five Steps to Buying a Home [Video]

Tags: Real Estate, Toronto, ClearPath, home, buying, first steps, video

 Wanting to get into to the market and not sure where to start? Michael goes through the first five steps people should take when they're thinking of buying a home. So before you start going to open houses and stalking homes on MLS, watch this video for great tips. For more information on some of the things Michael mentions, here are some useful links (hover over the item and click the ...Read More