By: ClearPath Realty Group Team

Gadget of the Month - Philips Wake-up Light

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We know. The days are getting shorter. For most of us, it’s dark when we wake up which, let’s face it, sucks. Also, everyone on our team has black out curtains or blinds on their bedroom windows to deal with the ambient city light so waking up to sunlight hasn’t been an option. Well, there’s a solution to this.
The Philips Wake-Up Light gradually stirs you awake using light that simulates a sunrise. No more shocking alarms in the dark. No more pounding the snooze button and rolling over only to repeat this ten minutes later. This alarm gives you the feeling of waking up refreshed, like you slept in on the weekend and have woken up naturally. All you do is set your desired wake up time and the alarm will start to glow a half-hour before that time JUST LIKE A SUNRISE. You even have the option of setting nature sounds like chirping birds or ocean sounds to start playing at your wake-up time (or FM radio if you prefer). It is seriously cool.

And you know what else it does? You can do the reverse at night. The sleep function mimics a sunset so your room can get progressively darker. We like the most recent model which mimics the colour of sunset more closely and includes five nature sound options. It’s a bit pricey as alarm clocks go but a lot of people, especially non-morning people, love it.

You can buy it online on Amazon, here. And there's currently a version for sale at Costco, here.

Christmas gift, anyone?