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Michael Wacholtz - Sales Representative

My path? Farm kid, actor, realtor. Might not seem like the most direct approach to award winning sales, but it seems to have worked. Read on:

I grew up on a farm in the vast, open prairie sky of Saskatchewan. On that 2,000 acre farm, I learned the meaning of hard work and efficiency. I also learned the importance of being flexible and adapting to changing conditions. It was the perfect background for the next stage of my life when I trained to be an actor. Hard work and creativity paid off and I spent well over a decade as a professional actor in some of Canada’s most prestigious theatre companies. I now have an award-winning career selling homes in the core of the most densely populated city in Canada.
The skills I’ve gained over the years, including the hard work, flexibility and creativity I learned on the farm and onstage, are put to work every day as a real estate agent. There are many similarities between real estate and show business: “showing” houses, “staging” homes for sale, listing “presentations”, etc. and I capitalize on those similarities to give my clients what they want. I can advise my seller clients on how to properly prep their homes for sale to showcase its best features. I can steer my buying clients towards a house with great bones and away from a house that is a dressed up money pit. I can also read people’s motivations and needs, be it buyers, sellers, or the agent and his or her clients sitting across a negotiating table.
Each house is unique and the path to buying and selling is often filled with interesting twists and turns. I’ll work with you, bringing all my skills and unique tools to smoothly negotiate those twists and turns, clearing the path to the best possible result for you.


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Michael works with a small team of people who help him deliver concierge-level service to his clients.


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